Electrical service

Electrical service for new builds, conversions, maintenance and repairs

We make time for you

Our service team can quickly tackle even smaller jobs like expanding and converting residential, office, industrial and commercial buildings without hassle. Proximity to customers is one of our great strengths. We offer expert advice and efficient implementation on every job. Whether your project is big or small, we make time for you.


No matter the job, we attend to and advise you according to our principles:
    • Meeting customer needs
    • Quality
    • Safety
    • Cost-effectiveness

    Our services include:

    • New builds
    • Conversion and expansion of existing buildings
    • Renovation of existing installations
    • Servicing
    • Troubleshooting
    • Expansion work

    Electrical installations must be periodically checked to ensure that they comply with the Federal Ordinance on Low-Voltage Installations (LVIO).

    How you benefit:

    • Send us your inspection request from the electric utility company and we will handle everything for you – from processing, inspection and coordination with tenants (tenant list required), to remedying faults
    • All safety documentation is additionally stored electronically and can be requested later if needed
    • Consultation on electrical installations/expert reports
    • For final inspections, we can arrange independent inspections for you
    • Quotations on request

    Inspection periods

    Residential construction:

    20 years

    Office buildings/commercial businesses:

    10 years

    Nurseries/hotels/retail stores:5 years
    Construction sites and markets:1 year

    For electrical installations with a 10- or 20-year inspection period, an additional inspection is required with every transfer of ownership occurring more than 5 years after the last inspection.

    Inspection expiry/corrective action

    You receive a request from the responsible electric utility company (e.g. EWZ) to check the electrical installation’s safety certification (SiNa).

    As the owner/administrator, you task an independent inspection company with conducting the inspection to produce the requisite safety certification.

    We make an independent inspection company that will conduct a professional inspection available to you. We then create the required safety certification for you and forward it to the responsible electric utility company.

    We send the original safety certification (SiNa) to the owner or administrator.

    In case of faults, an inspection report is produced.

    An electrical company, e.g. Q-electrix GmbH, must then remedy the faults.

    Once the corrective action is complete, we then prepare the required safety certification for you and forward it to the competent electric utility company.

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