Electrical installation

Electrical installations for new builds and conversions

Electrical installations for new builds and conversion jobs

We can handle all your electrical installation needs for renovation and conversion jobs, not to mention new builds – from planning to professional implementation of all tasks.

Our electrical installation services include:
    • New builds
    • Conversion and expansion of existing buildings
    • Renovation of existing installations
    • Corrective action (electricity utility company)
    • Heavy and weak current expansion work
    • Expansion of communication connections
    • Installation of universal building wiring

    We serve and advise you throughout the telecommunications and IT sector in all of our fields of expertise

    We’re professional, versatile and affordable.

    We offer comprehensive solutions from a single source: consultation, installation and service – fast, reliable and at fair prices.

    • Telephone lines (Economy line)
    • ISDN connections (multi-line)
    • VDSL/DSL
    • ISDN primary connection
    • Multi-line ISDN combination
    • Private branch exchanges (PBXs)
    • Data lines (computer, tel.)
    • Structured cabling
    • FTTH connections
    • Upgrades of all kinds

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